Enjoy relaxing together in the residence’s sauna and hammam...

Hammams, also known as a Turkish baths or steam rooms, originate from the South, while saunas, which use dry heat, are traditionally widely used in Northern Europe. These two relaxation techniques have all sorts of benefits that people don’t always know about!



A sauna is a wooden room where you can bathe in a dry heat, ranging from 60°C to 100°C, allowing you to relax and unwind.


Benefits :

- Relieves stress thanks to the equanimity experienced after a sauna

- Eliminates fatigue

- Stimulates circulation, resulting in greater oxygenation of the body

- Strengthens the immune system against colds and chills

- Clears the airways due to deep inhaling

- Accelerates sweating, thus cleansing and improving skin elasticity

- Relaxes the muscles and eliminates muscle tension




A hammam, meaning ''hot water'' in Arabic, is a steam bath that draws its origins from the Roman baths.


Benefits :

- The main benefit of a hammam is that it significantly dilates the blood vessels, inducing a very deep sense of relaxation

- A hammam is highly recommended after muscle activity. It creates a feeling of intense relaxation that loosens the muscles and relieves aches and ligament pain

- It also helps to decongest the bronchial tubes

- With the relaxing effect it has, a hammam induces a languor that is beneficial to sleep

- Whether you’ve had an active day or not... relax in comfort...!



This summer 2016, the swimming pool is open from 8th of july to 1st of september.




The relaxing area is only available for residence's customers.

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